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Rake and Roads

Rake and Roads is out now. CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON:

Rake and Roads under the name Crawling for Carrion is 2 cover songs, Rake by Townes Van Zandt and Roads by Portishead, and was released on Friday 9th November 2018. I've been collecting a list of songs over the years that aren't 'heavy', but I can hear something in them that will work in a heavy re-interpretation. These are the first two in what will be a series of releases in this format.

You can stream Rake now via Bandcamp using the player below.

I managed to call in some favours from some good friends and great musicians to play with me on these songs. Jake Harding from Grave Lines handles vocals and Thomas Kurek from Wight plays drums on Rake. Drums on Roads were played by Pete Holland from Elephant Tree, with vocals by Chantal Brown of Vodun and lead guitar by Tom Hobson from Stubb.

I first heard Rake as a cover and it was those amazing lyrics that grabbed me straight away. I eventually found the Townes Van Zandt version and was blown away by his delivery. I also realised from the original version the lyrics would work in a heavy setting. Townes himself said he didn't know the origin of the lyrics or their meaning but they've been interpreted as describing a vampire or someone undead. I feel they’re more from the point of view of someone lamenting their youth.

I don't remember where but fairly recently I heard Roads for the first time in a while. I knew that main intro on the Rhodes would work well on guitar. Me and Pete jammed it through a few times and it sounded great. We recorded drums and guitar live to capture a little more looseness in comparison to Rake.

The artwork is a linocut print made by artist Emmett Casley. I got the idea for the image from the line in Rake "The night to the day we're a binding" and I wanted to combine the rays of the sun with the moon to represent this.

Rake and Roads Album Cover
Rake and Roads Lino 1
Rake and Roads Lino 2
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