Who the Hell Am I Anyway?

Hey, so I had a normal bio up here for while about how I grew up on the Isle of Wight, played in some metal bands as a kid, went a bit crazy, sorted myself out and started working on these new projects blah blah blah.


I've done some interviews recently and thought it would make more sense just to link to those so here ya go:

Intervew with Glacially Musical, November 2018

Intervew with Nine Circles, October 2018

Intervew with XS Rock, October 2018

Giganto Records?

The label launched on 30th November 2017 with the release of an EP called Reality's Flux under the name Scuzzball. I wanted to write some very short sludge songs that were straight to the point and full of energy and intensity. This was the result; four heavy as shit songs all over in 4 minutes 21 seconds.

Mithun Shah from Sedulus played drums and Jill Mikkelson from various punk and hardcore bands (Dysteria, Hatefuck, Bos Tux) sang. Jill wrote some amazing lyrics about plate tectonics, the physics of consciousness and theories of the origins of life on Earth. I found the lyrics for Rudimentary Beasts so inspiring that I made this animation based on them.


Giganto Records and Crawling for Carrion are entirely DIY endeavours, from writing and recording, through to releasing the music. If you have any interest in what you've heard, these projects and these bands then please do hit the follow buttons and subscribe to the mailing list. It really does help get the word out when there is new music. Thank you.