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Hey, I'm Chris

I run Giganto Records. It's just a name really.

I wanted to start writing, recording and releasing music under different project names and creating a label to release them on seemed like a good way to tie them all together.

At first I went back and forth on whether to come up with a single project name but for me the name I give to a project is part of the vision as much as the music is.

The name Giganto comes in part from my interest in size, scale and perspective.

At school I remember my geology teacher taking us through various periods in the Earth's history and saying "this is when grass evolved, this is when trees started to evolve". I was fascinated by the thought that trees evolved. Evolution itself is a slow and gradual process and trees already exist on such a longer timescale than us. It was beyond my ability to fully comprehend and that feeling has stayed with me.

The name also comes from Gigantopithecus, an extinct species of ape with some estimates putting it at over 3 metres tall.

There are various themes I try to express with my music and size, scale and perspective are often present.

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